NLTC's office

About the New Lisbon Telephone Company

New Lisbon Telephone Company is incorporated. J.M. Mercer, John A. Miller, H. H. Koons, and J.R. Leaky serve as the first Directors. C.O. Wright is employed to supervise the building and maintenance of the exchange.

Straughn Telephone Company is purchased.

Stockholder Lawrence Schildtknecht is made Executive Secretary and will serve in that capacity for the next 25 years.

A Central  Office is constructed to house the office, switching and garage for the one and only service truck. The switchboard is located in a private residence behind the building. This building still houses the switching services today.

New Lisbon Telephone Company is granted the very first Rural Electrification Administration (REA) telephone loan in the United States, used in conversion of the exchange to dial operation.

Millville Telephone Company is purchased and it, too, is rebuilt and converted to dial

Colored phones are offered at a cost of $6.00. All phones prior to this were black.

The plant is completely rebuilt and consolidated into one exchange serving the Henry County communities of New Lisbon, Straughn, Millville and the rural areas surrounding them. Most of the outside plant is now buried and the company offers all one-party private line service. Extended Area Local Service is offered to the nearby communities of New Castle, Spiceland, Lewisville and Mooreland using more REA funds.

First REA loan is repaid in full.

Installation of Northern Telecom DNS-10 digital switch office with custom calling features.

High speed DSL is offered to the 332 exchange community.

A new office building is constructed on the north side of the old office building.

Installation of the ultra-modern Nortel C1500 IP Softswitch, the first in the United States. This equipment transforms digital telephony to IP packet switching, bringing voice-over-IP (VoIP), IP trunking and voice mail services to the exchange.

A new wireless tower is constructed to offer high-speed internet to the Lewisville area.

Mooreland Wireless Internet is purchased to offer high-speed internet to the north and northeastern sections of Henry County.

New Lisbon Telephone enters the design and engineering phase for its first Fiber-to-the-Home broadband services.