CEO’s Report – New Lisbon Telephone Company

November 2018

John Greene NLTC CEO and GMAs I write this newsletter, I am wondering what the winter will bring.  I skip ahead to winter, because we had no fall.  Central Indiana went literally from summer (80’s on October 9) to frost just days later.  Harvest seems to be going well since it has been relatively dry.  However, cold temperatures mean the end of construction season, so our buried projects will need to be wrapped up very soon to ensure completion.

2018 was a great year, with fiber projects totaling nearly $2M completed in Henry, Wayne, and Randolph counties.  Plus, we were able to add over 200 new customers to our network.   We have also finalized our telephone product in our competitive areas, moved closer to our own branded video product (more on that below), and performed a comprehensive business study that will result in some product pricing changes due later in the year.

Speaking of video, our NLBC branded product is finally approaching the finish line, after months of hard work by the NLTC team and many, many delays (most of them outside of our control).  Our official launch date will be December 6 and more information on the new channel line ups and pricing for the various packages will be sent out in November.  Nothing should be needed at your house for the conversion and the process will be done at midnight on December 5.  Once you have received official notification of the new offering, feel free to contact our office with any questions.  Our goal is to offer a video package choice that better fits the needs and budgets of our customers and I hope we have succeeded.

On the wireless front, NLBC has spent quite a bit of time and effort in 2018 improving our services, through better backhauls and replacing or upgrading older radio equipment.  We will continue this process into 2019 and beyond, but many of our wireless coverage areas are now capable of supporting higher Internet speeds.  If you are on a low bandwidth plan and have issues with needing more capacity from your Internet signal, give us a call and we will check on the availability of faster speeds at your location.  If they are not currently available, we will add your name to a list for a future upgrade.

Finally, I will want to start recognizing new businesses in our area that have chosen to take our services.  There are always choices in providers, especially in the communities we serve, so we value those businesses that have chosen our services over those of our competitors.  We especially pride ourselves in reliable service with good customer service; qualities that all businesses appreciate.  This quarter, I want to welcome Ohio Valley Gas and Foam Rubber Products.  We recently added fiber Internet service to both of the OVG locations in Winchester. In New Castle, we are now providing both telephone and Internet service to Foam Rubber Products.  We hope both customers will be with NLBC for many years to come.

John E. Greene, Jr.
CEO and General Manager
New Lisbon Telephone Company and
New Lisbon Broadband and Communications, LLC