CEO’s Report – New Lisbon Telephone Company

November 2017

John Greene

John Greene NLTC CEO and GM

Once again, things are bustling in New Lisbon. The opportunities for growth and the resulting fiber related projects seem to be endless, which is ultimately a good thing. While we have completed projects into Mineral Springs, Hagerstown, Dublin, Cambridge City, Mooreland, Lewisville, New Castle, Economy, Lynn and Winchester, we still have many more in the “hopper”. We are especially excited about the results of our hybrid fiber/wireless project in Economy. It enables customers there to obtain Internet speeds up to 25 Mbps down over a fiber network, but with the lower cost of licensed wireless backhaul.

New fiber projects include more work in our core New Lisbon territory along CR 700 and CR 200S to upgrade those customers from copper to fiber. We will be extending the fiber already in Hagerstown over to State Route 1, providing service opportunities to businesses and residences along the route. Finally, we have started another hybrid fiber/wireless project in the Indian Trail Lake development in Randolph County. Using the same technology that was deployed in Economy, we will be able to offer services there that have been unavailable from anyone else. These projects are all expected to complete by the end of 2017.

We are continuing to add new wireless towers, like the one in New Pittsburg in Randolph County, as well as upgrade our older wireless equipment with newer, more reliable equipment. Many of you will see an increase in the amount of bandwidth that we can offer to your homes because of these upgrades. Additionally, we hope to have an Over The Top (OTT) TV product available early in 2018 for all our wireless customers. This will allow a full video service over a lower bandwidth wireless Internet connection. More news on that initiative will be coming in the next few months.

Our New Lisbon warehouse and office is now fully functional and the second floor is occupied by our Outside Plant group. In addition to offices, there is restroom facilities, an employee meeting and training room, an equipment storage area and a testing/lab room. Final work on the first floor will begin sometime after January 1 and complete in 2018. That work will complete a new Boardroom, community meeting room, and full service kitchen for employee and community events.

Finally, I want to close by saying that, while we are continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate, our primary focus is still on providing the highest quality service at the most economical price to each and every one of our customers. Without you, we would not exist and I want to ensure that you know that we value your business and loyalty. Yes, we will continue to have some growing pains. This is to be expected with the expansion that we have had and will continue to have for the near future. But at the end of each day, we are proud to have provided you with good service at a fair price, and will continue to do so.

John E. Greene, Jr.
CEO and General Manager
New Lisbon Telephone Company and
New Lisbon Broadband and Communications, LLC