Telephone Services

NLTC’s telephone service features outstanding call quality, unlimited local calling and it’s the most reliable way to call 911 in case of emergency. For the best value, check out our money-saving bundled service packages.

Basic Local Phone Service$31.18/mo. + taxes and fees
Vacation Disconnect/Security System Use Only$17.50/mo. + taxes and fees
Long Distance Service$.10 per minute
Basic Local Phone Service (Single Line)$42.76/mo. + taxes and fees
Basic Local Phone Service (Multiple Lines)$48.97/mo. + taxes (per line) and fees
Basic Local Phone Service (Roll Over Lines)$56.93/mo. + taxes (per line) and fees
Long Distance Service$.10 per minute

Custom Calling Features

ServicePrice per month
Call Forwarding$1.50
Call Forwarding Busy$1.50
Call Waiting$2.00
Three Way Calling$3.00
Short List Speed Calling (8 numbers)$1.50
Long List Speed Calling (30 numbers)$3.00
Cancel Call Waiting$1.50
Call Waiting ID$2.00
Inside Wire Maintenance$4.00

Custom Calling Feature Packages

PackagePrice per month
Call Forwarding & Call Waiting$3.00
Call Forwarding & Call Waiting & 3-way Calling$4.50
Call Waiting & 3-way Calling $4.50
Call Waiting & Cancel Call Waiting & 3-way Calling$3.00
Voice Mail & Call Waiting & Forwarding$9.00